Monday – December 16, 2019

PC1: Women’s Leadership Workshop – Influential Leadership Session Comments
S01: Maximizing Mediation and Arbitration Success Session Comments
S02: The Other F-Word Session  Comments
S03: Participation Goals – Strategies to Achieve Them Session Comments
S04: What Counsel and Witnesses Do That Drive Arbitrators Session Comments
S05 Who’s the Designer?   Session Comments
S06: Lego-Sets for Mega-Projects Session Comments
S26: Damages Without a Cause Session Comments
R01: Welcome Reception Session Comments

Tuesday – December 17, 2019

KE1: Pre-Keynote Breakfast Session Comments
K01: Welcome and Opening Keynote – Alec Ross Session Comments
S07: Mitigating Payment Risk on Linear Construction Projects Session Comments
S08: Creating Convergence – Creating Efficiency in Global Legal Ops Session Comments
S09: Is there a “Gold Standard” in Schedule Delay Analysis? Session Comments
S10: Consequential Damage Waivers and Limitations of Liability Session  Comments
KE2: Knowledge Exchange Networking & Break Session Comments
S11: Affable Wolves – Risk Imbalances in the Fixed Price World Session Comments
S12: Customizing Mediation Techniques for Complex Construction Disputes Session  Comments
S13: Dealing with the Failing Business Session Comments
S14: Navigating the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Unique Issues Session Comments
K02: Luncheon Panel Keynote – Technology and the Future of Project Delivery Session  Comments
S15: Managing the Use and Abuse of Prescription Drugs and Medical Recreational Marijuana in your Workplace Session Comments
S16: ABA – Know Your Audience – Customizing Jury Trail Skills for Mediation Session Comments
S17: Experience from the Trenches Session  Comments
S18: Cyber Security and Data Privacy Risk Management Session Comments
KE3: Knowledge Exchange Networking & Break Session Comments
S19: Design-Build and P3 in Transportation Infrastructure Session  Comments
S20: Emergency and Interim Relief in Domestic and International Construction Arbitration Session Comments
S21: ABA – But the Termination is Not Convenient Session Comments
S22: Degrees of Separation Session  Comments
R02: Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by: Peckar & Abramson Session Comments

Wednesday – December 19, 2019

KE4: Knowledge Exchange Breakfast Session Comments
S23: Dancing with Disaster – Great Construction Catastrophes Session Comments
S24: Insurance Requirements for Today’s Construction Contracts Session  Comments
KE5: Knowledge Exchange Networking & Break Session Comments
S27: ABA – 2019 Government Contract Update Session Comments
S28: Best Practices for Hot Tubbing in Arbitration Session  Comments
S29: Thinking Ahead – How you can use the Science of “Risk Management” Session Comments
K03: Luncheon Panel Keynote – Ten Things General Counsel Love/Hate about you! Session Comments
S30: Fighting on Multiple Fronts Session  Comments
S31: In Search of Neutrality Session
S32: A High Stakes Game – Managing Risk for Stadium & Entertainment Projects Session

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