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Monday – 12/06/2021

S01 – Remote Dispute Resolution: Temporary Band-aid or Long-Term Solution? The Pros and Cons of Remote Dispute Resolution in Arbitration, Mediation and Discovery

S02 – How to Protect Your Business from the Increased Risks of Design-Build by Using Informed Bidding Practices, Innovative Project Management Techniques, Specialized Agreements, and Appropriate Contract Terms

S03 – Hardhats in the Cloud – The Pitfalls and Liabilities of Cloud-Based Operations for Contractors

S04 – Protect Yourself: Strategies to Mitigate the Risk of Material Price Escalation and Material Shortage Delay

S05 – Building the Claim From the Bottom Up on Mega-Projects

S06 – The Biden Administration, Government Stimulus, and PPP: The Return of the Regulators

S07 – Discovery In Aid of Foreign Proceedings: Section 1782 – Using and Defending Against Claims

Tuesday – 12/07/2021

S08 – ABA: Ethics in Construction and Engineering

S09 – Managing Multiple Experts in Complex Construction Disputes

K02 – S10 Balancing the Use of In-House and Outside Counsel

S11 – Concurrent Events and Other Breaking News Affecting the Recovery of Delay Damages

S12 – Managing Insolvency in Multi-Party Litigation

S13 – AAA: How did you like your last construction litigation? Why is arbitration different than litigation?

S14 – ABA: Theory Meets Practice in Construction Risk Management

S15 – The Most Heavily Negotiated Terms in Construction Contracts from the Perspective of the Owner, Contractor, and Subcontractor

K02 – Luncheon Panel Keynote: Balancing the Use of In-House and Outside Counsel

S17 – The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Keys to Effective Risk Mitigation in the Life Cycle of a “Typical” Construction Project: A.K.A-A Train Wreck

S18 – The Role of Insurance in Resolving Complex Construction Disputes

S19 – Using the Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s Labor Productivity Factors: Is it a Modified Total Cost Approach in Disguise?

S30 – Hot Issues in Design-Build between Design-Builders and their Lead Designers

S20 – ABA: The More The Merrier: Trials and Tribulations of Presenting and Defending Construction Claims involving Class Actions, Multi-Plaintiff and Multi-Defendant Jury and Bench Trials

S21 – Effective Use of Experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Including the Areas of Mediation, Dispute Resolution Boards, and the Employment as an Independent Expert

S22 – Preparing for the Unknowable: Lessons Learned from the Construction Industry’s Response to Significant Disruptions

S23 – Liquidated Damages and Stipulated Sums – You don’t know as much as you think

WEDNESDAY – 12/08/2021

S25 – Improving Efficiency in Construction Disputes: An In-Depth View of the November 2019 Queen Mary University London (QMUL) / Pinsent Masons (PM) International Arbitration Survey

S26 – AAA: Failure to Properly Consider Damages Could Be Catastrophic for Your Claim

S27 – Maximizing Mediation Results and Overcoming Obstacles (Including Your Own Subconscious Bias)

S28 – Infrastructure Construction in the Biden Administration: What will the Build Back Better Plan mean for the Construction Industry?

S29 – Decoding the Mystery of Productivity Claims

K03 – Luncheon Panel Keynote: Managing A Construction Law Practice Today and Beyond from the Managing Partners’ Perspective

S31 Combat Boredom: Using Computer-Generated Animation and Simulation Evidence at Trial

S32 Show Me the Money: Attorney Fee Awards in Construction Cases