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The 2022 Construction Super Conference will take place at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, December 5-7. CSC plans its educational content to comply with the accreditation requirements accepted by most major credentialing organizations, which allow for attendees to obtain MCLE credits. We will have the 2022 Conference Schedule ready by late Summer 2022.

Submit you call for proposal for CSC 2022 today!

Deadline – March 21, 2022.

2022 Presenter Conference Deadlines

DEADLINE – March 21, 2022: Call for Presentations due.

Monday, May 23: Notification of acceptance letters to presenters.

Friday, June 13: Presenter agreements returned.

Friday, June 13: MCLE
* date subject to change

– Presentation/Outline: A 5-page outline of your anticipated PowerPoint presentation to fulfill MCLE requirements. If you will not have a presentation to present, you still need to submit a whitepaper or any supplementary material in order to receive MCLE credentialing for your session.

– Virginia will not approve panel sessions unless there is a PowerPoint/materials. NOTE: If the deadline is not met, presenters will forfeit complimentary registration pass.

Friday, August 26: Deadline for changes to your session. For speaker additions and updating credentials only, no content should be changed at this point. Any changes sent after this date will not be made in any printed materials.

Friday, September 16: Presenter Registration. Construction SuperConference will register each individual speaker and send a registration confirmation. All presenters must log in to their account and register for their own session, choose their sessions and add their bar information.

Friday, October 24: Final Presentation materials. Your PowerPoint presentation and any supplementary materials are due for placement on the thumb drive distributed for MCLE requirements.

Conference Format

Each educational session is 60-75 minutes, which allows for audience participation and interaction. Each session should be focused on providing high-level educational content befitting this premier conference. The target audience is construction attorneys, construction industry general counsel, construction industry executives representing developers, government, design professionals and contractors. 86% of attendees at the conference have worked in the industry for 11 years or more.

Evaluation of Session Proposals

Session Proposals are reviewed by the Conference Advisory Board. The review focuses on the relevance and importance of the proposed topic, the quality of each Proposal and its proposed Panel as well as the appropriateness of the proposed session in the context of the overall conference content. Proposed speaker panels should be balanced to include a strong presence of industry practitioners, such as general counsel and industry executives. Successful proposals typically propose 3 or 4 speakers, including the moderator.

Conference Presentation Topic Examples

  • •  Arbitration
  • •  BIM/Emerging Technology
  • •  Contract Management
  • •  Dispute Resolution
  • •  Ethics, Compliance, Advocacy
  • •  Infrastructure/Transportation/Energy
  • •  Innovative Litigation Strategies
  • •  Insurance and Surety
  • •  P3 Trends
  • •  Risk Management
  • • Workforce, Labor Issues

Considerations for acceptance includes timely and substantive content, with a reference to a case study preferred. Suggested panelists should include senior attorney, general counsel, construction owner/operator and construction firm executive.

When are the Call for Presentations due and how do I submit?

Submission for the 2022 Construction Super Conference are due March 21.

MCLE Guidelines

What are the MCLE guidelines for my printed materials?

Please click here to read the CSC MCLE Guidelines Information on Written Materials Guidelines.

A 5-page outline of your anticipated PowerPoint presentation to fulfill MCLE requirements or a PPT on the CSC template is required to fulfill MCLE credits. Due Friday, June 13.


Registration to open late July, 2022.

Do I have to pay the full amount for my conference pass?

Please refer to your speaker agreement and registration email for details on your speaker registration. You may also contact the Conference Manager, Sydney Jacoby –

If I’m having issues registering for the conference, who can I contact?

You can contact our dedicated registration team if you’re having any issues at all.
Service team 800-465-5514

Sessions/Speaker Updates

Speaker changes will be accepted up to  August 27. After this date, no changes will be made in print, they will be updated on the CSC website.

What are my responsibilities as a speaker?

The list of deliverables and the associated deadlines are outlined in the welcome letter and are listed above.

Presentations / Deadline Date

Is there a standard PowerPoint template for presenters to use? Do I have to use the CSC PowerPoint template?

Yes, and we prefer that you use this template. We email you this template directly but you can also download the template here.

Will attendees have access to my presentation before the event?

Yes. Attendees will receive a thumb drive onsite when they pickup their badge, along with a tote bag of information. Learn more about how you can have you branding associated with the Welcome Kit.

Who do I send my presentation to?

Please save it as a pdf file and send to

Sample naming convention: 2022_CSC_Session ID_Last name.pdf


When is my presentation due?

Friday, October 24, 2022 

Your presentation will be included on a thumb drive which is mandatory for CLE credentialing purposes. The thumb drive will be given to all attendees. If you do not send your presentation by this date, it will affect the credentialing organizations approval for credits, jeopardizing the Construction SuperConference for attendees.

What if my presentation is proprietary and I don’t want it on the thumb drive?

We understand that some presentations may be proprietary. Please share this information with the attendees prior to the start of your session so that they can take notes if they wish. At the minimum, please submit an outline and supplementary materials to fulfill the MCLE requirements. (Note: Virginia requires a PowerPoint/pdf presentation for all sessions.)

Can I make changes to my presentation after I have sent it for upload to the thumb drive?

The thumb drive is the final product. However, if you do have changes, please bring a printout on site, so that attendees have the most updated version.

Can I also offer supplementary materials for my presentation?

Yes. Please save it as a PDF, label it as follows:

2022_CSC_Session ID_Last name_Materials.pdf


Send to:

What file size should my presentation be and what happens if it is larger than 8 MB?

We prefer that all presentations be under 8 MB. If it is larger we recommend that you send two files if you have a lot of photos and illustrations.


2022_CSC_E46_Smith_1_of _2.pdf

2022_CSC_E46_Smith_2_of _2.pdf

Sesssion Rooms

What is included in my session room if I am a presenter?

A podium, podium microphone, LCD projector, cable from laptop to LCD projector, cable to send computer audio to room sound, front projection screen, and four table top microphones for panel presentations.

Do I have to bring anything with me for my session as a presenter?

Yes, speakers are responsible for providing their own laptop with their presentation fully loaded on it and a backup on a thumb drive.

Speakers will be responsible for cueing their slides from the laptop located at or near the podium. Presentation remotes will not be provided; however, you are welcome to bring your own.

MAC-based computers, iPad, or other devices other than a PC:

If you are using any of the above devices (anything other than a PC), please bring a dongle connection to attach to the VGA cable. If you are unsure what you need, please contact Sydney Jacoby.


If you have any movies or video files embedded in your presentation, please contact Sydney Jacoby, to arrange a test of your presentation.

Meeting rooms:

All meeting rooms are set in theater style.

WiFi availability in session rooms: Internet is available in the meeting rooms for purchase. Please contact Emily Clay if you are interested in purchasing.


Speaker support:

There will be a support staff person located near your session room. They are responsible for the following: scanning badges prior to the session, collecting evaluations, and giving you a ten-minute warning prior to your session ending.

Speaker Lounge:

A speaker lounge will be available for you to go and meet with your panel. There will be tables, chairs, and outlets in the room. Here you can connect with your panel members and review any last-minute changes.

Do you provide handouts of my presentation?

No. Hard copy handouts will not be printed as we provide a thumb drive to all attendees of the presentation/handout materials. You are welcome to provide hard copies and bring with you to the session. The room monitor can pass these out as attendees enter the room.



Are there any special hotel discounts related to the conference?

Yes. Construction SuperConference has worked closely together with our premier travel planners, to provide a special housing rate for you or your group. Please book your hotel room through our housing block as quick as possible, as rooms tend to go fast. *Hotel rates and choices will be available starting in August.

On-Site Conference

When I arrive, where do I pick up my badge and/or register?

At the Registration Desk, where you will receive a Welcome Kit that contains your badge and important conference materials.


How do I provide feedback on the conference?

An online survey evaluation will be sent to all those who registered one week after the conference. We welcome all of your feedback and any comments you may have.

When do I get feedback on my session?

You will receive your speaker session evaluation from Maya Summerlin, within 6 weeks after the conference ends.

How do I submit a presentation for next year’s conference?

The call for presentations will be available on the Construction SuperConference website. An email will also be sent to all previous speakers three to four weeks after the Construction SuperConference ends.

Who do I talk to regarding MCLEs?

If you have any questions, please email Maya Summerlin. Please also visit the MCLE page for the most up to date information.

How do I receive my certificate of attendance?

After the conference, within 6 weeks, all presenters will be emailed a certificate with the sessions they have attended. Please remember that some states require you to self-report your MCLE status and credits. Visit the MCLE page for more information.

Badge Scanning:

All attendees MUST have their badge scanned by our conference staff at the doors upon entry into a session. Failure to do so will result in obtaining a late certificate (after 6 weeks) with your CLE information.

Why are there different MCLE credits awarded on the MCLE webpage?

Each state has different credentialing approval standards, so please visit the MCLE page regularly for updates.

I have a question that is not listed here, whom do I contact?

Please contact the Conference Operations Manager