Women’s Leadership Workshop to be Offered at 2017 Construction SuperConference

Oct 2, 2017

Atlanta: Led by dynamic coach and educator Brooke Vuckovic, Ph.D., this complimentary workshop presented by Navigant, Eversheds Sutherland, and Lendlease will help executives in attendance better define their purpose and presence as leaders.

KELLY HEUER, Managing Director, Global Construction Practice at Navigant, states, “Attendees of the Women’s Leadership Workshop will learn simple, research-proven methods to enhance their capacity to focus, prioritize and effectively discard the distractions that run counter to their success as leaders.”

Brooke Vuckovic specializes in challenging top executives to create a clear-sighted view of their competing priorities, internal contradictions, and most perplexing challenges. She coaches leaders to develop the internal skills necessary to effectively lead in demanding and unpredictable environments.

“Brooke recognizes the critical importance of our ability to focus our time and attention on what really matters while we experience constant disruption from myriad sources throughout each day. Learning how to effectively focus has become a key competency essential to being an exceptional leader, and all women must focus on developing these skills in order to optimize their performance and leadership,” says Heuer.

Vuckovic has helped coach leaders at small startups all the way up to fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Allsate, BP, and Boeing.

Ms. Vuckovic will be speaking on “Bulldozing Through the Disruptions of Today’s Professional Landscape.”  Today’s leaders are faced with ever-increasing demands on their time and attention. Multitasking and stress can result in heightened distractibility, an inner sense of frenzy, and reflexive impatience. Consequently, the capacity to focus one’s attention on what really matters—you, your clients, your team and your organization—has become a critical executive competency.  To be an exceptional leader, women must focus on developing these skills. This workshop will foster an open dialogue on the disruptions that professionals face. While engaging with your colleagues, you will learn simple, research-proven methods to practice cognitive control to better focus, prioritize and effectively discard those behaviors and activities that potentially run counter to the legacy you are building.

“This will be an exceptional session for all attendees, whether you are currently leading a team or a business or aspire to in the future and having Brooke Vuckovic at the CSC is not something you can afford to miss,” says Kevin Gaffney, CSC Director. “This special session is included at no additional cost with your full conference pass and you can save $100 by registering by November 17.”

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