Possible Modifications for CSC 2020

LAS VEGAS – What will the Dec. 7-9 Construction Super Conference look like in 2020? Greater spacing between seats, sanitation stations, dedicated entrances/exits, and reimagined registration areas are all on the table. The CSC team is discussing these and other possibilities for putting on the event during the COVID-19 era. The December 2019 CSC seems […]

Insurance and COVID-19

TRUMBULL, CT – The fine print on countless construction contracts is getting a fresh scrubbing in light of the global pandemic. For example, do insurance provisions found in builders’ risk coverage (and other forms of property coverage) apply to coronavirus? According to Michael V. Pepe, partner at Saxe Doernberger & Vita, P.C., Trumbull, Conn., the […]

CSC Aims for December 2020 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Entering the third month of the COVID-19 crisis, organizers at Construction Super Conference (CSC) are still aiming to convene Dec. 7-9, 2020. Unlike last year’s conference at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, Calif, CSC will return to Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. “It’s been such a crazy year,” says […]

Crisis Gets Us Back to Basics

ARLINGTON, VA – As senior counsel, Construction Law, for Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America, Brian Perlberg has seen his share of strife within the field of construction law. In the last two months, however, he’s seen an entirely new level of chaos.    “The virus crisis has turned the world on its head, and […]

Pondering the Pandemic — Impact, Conflicts, Silver Linings, and Historical Context

EL SEGUNDO, CA – Wayne H. Kalayjian, PE, SE, CFE, is a keen observer of history. Last year at Construction Super Conference in Palos Verdes, Calif, he presented Dancing With Disaster: Great Construction Catastrophes and How They Shaped the Law. Bouncing from comedy to tragedy, the presentation covered the worst construction-related disasters, as well as […]

Industry News — Let the COVID-Related Lawsuits Begin

PITTSBURGH – The Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh is suing Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, citing an “unfair double standard” in construction rules. An article in the Tribune-Review details efforts by the Builders Association to revise rules that favor office building over home building. According to reporter Paul Guggenheimer, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is imposing a cap […]

Leadership Through the Pandemic and Beyond

FAIRFAX, VA – Empathy, compassion, and trying to create clarity for teams and people you lead is important. That might be clarity about tomorrow, because it doesn’t have to be a long timeline with clarity because it’s obviously impossible for any of us to predict the future. Leaders who are doing well are synthesizing a […]

CSC Day 3 – Disasters, Miscalculations, and Construction Law

PALOS VERDES, CA – Construction is one of the most injury-prone industries in the world. If earthquakes and fires don’t claim a structure, human error will encroach at the most inopportune moments. “It’s the human factors that are much more difficult to predict and control,” said Wayne H. Kalayjian, PE, SE, CFE, director at Secretariat […]

A Peek at the Future On Day Two of CSC

PALOS VERDES, CA – Construction Super Conference (CSC) Keynote speaker Alec Ross kicked off day two with a morning presentation outlining global technology trends that could shape the next decade. “A lot of the science fiction from the 1970s will be the reality of the 2020s,” said Ross, an author and professor, during his keynote […]

Day Two of Construction Super Conference – Drugs and Safety

PALOS VERDES, CA – Considering that employees with substance abuse issues account for up to 50% of all accidents on the job site, drugs are a big problem in the construction industry. A panel on day two of CSC tackled the conundrum during Managing the Use and Abuse of Prescription Drugs and Medical and Recreational […]

CSC Day One – Leadership On the Brain

PALOS VERDES, CA – A glorious California sun greeted attendees on day one of Construction Super Conference. The three-day event at the seaside Terranea Resort began with new insights on leadership at The Women’s Leadership Workshop: Influential Leadership with Courtney Lynch, a former Marine Corps Officer and New York Times bestselling author. Defining leadership as […]

Liquidated Damages in the Spotlight On Day One of CSC

PALOS VERDES, CA – In the realm of liquidated damages, an owner’s delay has traditionally been recognized as a reasonable contractor defense, but things are not so straightforward in 2019. Christopher Brasco, senior partner, Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP, led a group of panelists on day one of Construction Super Conference to explore; Who’s […]

Session Spotlight – The Other F-Word: Fiduciary Duty

PALOS VERDES, CA – As licensed design professionals, do architects and engineers owe owners a fiduciary duty? If so, what obligations are owed? According to Frederick F. Butters, a panelist/attorney at next month’s Construction Super Conference (CSC), the answer is not so clear cut.  An implied fiduciary duty has vast implications, and it’s precisely why […]

Advance Rates in Effect Through Nov. 24

PALOS VERDES, CA – Advance Rates for the 34th annual Construction Super Conference (CSC) are in effect through Nov. 24. Prospective attendees who wish to take advantage of low rates should Click Here to register. CSC takes place Dec 16-18, 2019, at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California.  Developed for mid- to senior-level professionals […]

CSC – Know Before You Go (Parking and More)

PALOS VERDES, CA – Locals call the Palos Verdes peninsula “The Hill” and Construction Super Conference (CSC) attendees will know why as their rental cars and Ubers labor to maintain speed up the considerable grade. The Terranea Resort (100 Terranea Way, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275) is 16.6 miles from LAX Airport, with an estimated […]