2021 CSC – Keeping The Conversation Going

Dec 15, 2021

by Brian Gaudet

ORLANDO, FL – After nearly two years of working from home which began as a Covid-19 measure, but later turned into a productivity boost for my rapidly growing practice, I finally had the opportunity to venture out and attend a conference. I was selected to speak at the 2020 Construction Super Conference (CSC) before it was cancelled out of concern for the emerging Delta variant of Covid-19.

Brian R. Gaudet at CSC’s Ethics in Construction and Engineering Panel Discussion, Orlando, Fla.

CSC organizers reselected my panel to speak on the topic of ethics in construction and engineering at the 2021 conference. With a little trepidation about what conferences might look like in the post-Covid shutdown world, I boarded a flight to Orlando. 

The conference ended up being well attended, but not overcrowded. There was ample space for those who wanted to keep their distance and numerous groups of friends were standing close to talk. There were arbitrators, mediators, opposing counsel, experts, strangers—plus old and new friends at the conference.

Our panel presentation was well received, and we engaged the audience in our discussion about ethics.  Audience members contributed positively making it a great conversation. Afterwards, many people took the time to personally tell us they enjoyed our panel discussion. Rumor has it that during lunch people were still discussing questions we posed to the audience in our early morning session.

Attending CSC this year reminded me that I have been missing the personal contact with the rest of the national construction law community. It was a great event at a nice venue. I met several new friends and reconnected with old ones. Next week I will begin planning a topic to submit for the 2022 CSC.

Brian R. Gaudet is a partner at Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, LLP.