What is the Future of the California High Speed Rail System?

Californians have voted for the rail system but haven’t figured out how to pay for it. The California High Speed Rail System is a high speed bullet train that, if built, would link the major cities in California with what the Los Angeles Times calls “a faster, cleaner, more modern transportation system.” Los Angeles Times […]

Natural Gas Pipeline Permit Denied By New York

New York State turns down the permit application for the 124-mile Constitution natural gas pipeline. The proposed Constitution natural gas pipeline designed to transport natural gas from shale fields in Pennsylvania 124 miles into New York State ignited a legal battle between environmentalists and various industry leaders that has become a significant test of the […]

Final OSHA Silica Rule Becomes Effective June 23rd.

The final OSHA silica rule is far more rigorous than the one it replaces. After three years of study, revision, and input from industry and labor union experts, the “Final OSHA Silica Safety Rule” goes into effect on June 23rd, 2016. Contractors will be required to begin complying with the new rule on or about […]

New, Stricter Rules for Union Avoidance Consultants

The new DOL “persuader rule” makes compliance more challenging. Attorneys, and other consultants, who provide advice to employers dealing with union organizing efforts have, in the past, been required to disclose their activities only if they have direct contact with workers involved in union organizing. On March 23rd the Department of Labor issued revised, stricter […]